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How Do I Become Exposed To Radon?

Radon is everywhere. Recent studies have found that radon ends up accounting for about 35% of our lifetime expose to radiation including solar, nuclear, x-rays, and all other forms of radiation. That’s why it is so important to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. When radon is breathed into our lungs, the natural decay of radon sets off an alpha particle explosion of radiation as it decays from one element to the next. That burst of radiation, if outside your body isn’t strong enough to penetrate the skin, but when exposed to lung cells, that burst is strong enough to either kill or mutate your lung cells, and as everyone knows, cell mutation is cancer. Radon turns into polonium, bismuth, and other radioactive elements and each time it does, it releases another explosion of radiation. That’s why there is no “safe level” because any one of those explosions could end up mutating your lung cell causing cancer.

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"Did you get my email about Michelle and our radon results? We are thrilled!! When you go to Stu’s Feb 7th could you drop me off business cards. Many people are going to do testing & they want your information. Call me first so I can put the dogs up or you can put them in my paper box on the house or you can send them, what’s easy for you. Let me know. Our results from 7.2 to 1.3 Michelle’s results 25 to 1.2 We are so happy." - Phyllis M. View more client testimonials»

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