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How Do I Test For Radon?

There are two main ways to test for radon in your home. One is to have a professional come out with a continuous radon monitor (CRM) and set it up for 2 days. The results are then available immediately and the machine gives an hourly reading as well as an average. This is particularly useful if the test is part of a home inspection to make sure the test is not tampered with. If there is no fear of tampering with the test though, then a do-it-yourself test kit is available for a fraction of the price and is extremely accurate so long as you follow the directions that come with it.
You should test in the basement or lowest livable level of your home. Although radon tends to spread throughout the entire house, testing in the basement is always preferred. Select a location in the center of the most used room, about 3 feet off the floor (breathing zone while sitting), away from vents, fans, and outside walls. For homes with only crawlspaces or homes with the floor in direct contact with the ground, test on the first floor, in the center of the most used room, about 3 feet off the floor, away from vents, fans, and outside walls. Always test on the lowest livable area of the home whether you spend any time there or not.

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"We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you and your company for the sub-slab radon mitigation service you performed on our home. Because of your diligence and expertise in mitigating the crawlspace and basement, the final radon charcoal test turned out a very low result of <0.3 pCi/L, down from the original test of 6.8 pCi/L.

Along with the low test results, and the resulting health and increased home value benefits, we want to thank you for the respect you showed for our property while doing the work, the meticulous installation, and the prompt customer service throughout the process.

We would not have done the project without you and are very willingly sharing your name and outstanding services with whomever we can."
- David & Lori T. View more client testimonials»

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