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Radon Levels in the Quad Cities

Our area leads the nation in the percentage of homes over 4 pCi/L (70%) as well as the percentage of homes over 20 pCi/L. The average indoor radon level in the Quad Cities area is more than 6 times the national average.

In the last half century alone, one million people in the U.S. have died from radon exposure. An estimated 400 deaths occur each year in Iowa due to radon induced lung cancer. That is approximately the same number of Iowans who die in traffic accidents each year. Illinois, with a much higher population sees almost 1,200 deaths each year due to lung cancer caused by radon.

Sadly, very few people survive lung cancer. That is because lung cancer is usually diagnosed at the stage 4 level. At stage 4, the cancer will have spread beyond the lungs to the other organs. Doctors will try to prolong life and relieve the symptoms and treat it with chemotherapy. The cost to treat a person with lung cancer is about $250,000. It is more cost effective to reduce the level of radon in the home.
The only way to know if your home or building is safe is to test. Testing is easy and costs as little as $15 with kits available by calling our office. If you haven’t already tested - please do so as soon as possible.

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"Did you get my email about Michelle and our radon results? We are thrilled!! When you go to Stu’s Feb 7th could you drop me off business cards. Many people are going to do testing & they want your information. Call me first so I can put the dogs up or you can put them in my paper box on the house or you can send them, what’s easy for you. Let me know. Our results from 7.2 to 1.3 Michelle’s results 25 to 1.2 We are so happy." - Phyllis M. View more client testimonials»

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